1/2 day scenic float trips (3-4 hours)  
USD $100.00 pp

1/2 day fishing trips (4-5 hours)   
USD $185.00 pp

Full day fishing trips (8-9 hours)   
USD $275.00 pp

Fishing trips include the necessary fishing poles, tackle, waders, rain gear and a shore lunch. 

All trips require a 2 person minimum with a maximum of 4 people per raft. Some rivers require more effort than others. 

Physical fitness and the ability to lift 50 - 75 lbs. may be required on certain trips while others may require little to no effort on your part. We customize trips to fit every individuals skill level and abilities.

Payment is due at the completion of each trip.
We will take cash and personal checks as payment.
Sorry, we do not accept credit cards, but we do accept tips.
Contact us at info@hellbentfishing.com 
or call (907) 715-8683mailto:info@hellbentfishing.comshapeimage_4_link_0